Colombia, productive land of medical cannabis

Colombia, productive land of medical cannabis

Thanks to the geographical situation of the country, up to 4 cannabis crops can be produced per year.

Colombia became a strategic territory for the planting of medical cannabis. Since 2016, when the Government issued the resolution and regulations that regulate the cultivation, the country has experienced a ‘boom’ of companies that have been installed to supply a market that looks better at the production of oils and plant extracts.

By 2019, the Ministry of Justice had issued 193 licenses for the use of the seed, cultivation of the psychoactive cannabis and non-psychoactive cannabis plant. At the time that the Ministry of Health had delivered 91 permits for the manufacture of its derivatives.

This crop heyday in the country is due, among many other things, to its geographical location, since it is midway between the south and north of the American continent. This privileged location leaves Colombia to be the favorite bridge of industries to find other markets.

Being in the tropics gives the possibility of having twelve hours of the sun which makes the cultivation very convenient. In more than fifteen departments of the country, the plant has been planted, that makes Colombia a competitive country because there are not a few countries with the possibility of having up to 4 crops per year.

For Khiron Life Sciences, a medical cannabis company, one of the most profitable conditions in the country is at a low temperature between day and night. Depending on the area, nutrient-rich soil can be found, which provides a perfect diet for the plant. Colombia is an agricultural country by tradition, therefore, apart from the advantages of time, it has skilled labor for cultivation.

On the other hand, the water in Colombia is of high purity and this also makes the development of the plant in very good condition. Each plant requires between 2 and 5 liters of water daily. In countries like Canada, production can be really expensive, around two and three US dollars. In Colombia, the cost is between thirty and fifty cents.

Likewise, the country that has become attractive due to security conditions thanks to the peace process and also to the legal stability that has played an essential role in this process, since the regulatory framework is one of the strongest and is used as a reference in Latin America, which gives security to cannabis companies that wish to invest in the country.