Felipe Velásquez

Felipe Velásquez

Felipe Velásquez, CEO & CO FOUNDER of Grupo Global Esmeralda S.A.S, his experience began when he did an internship in Miami, USA; in a trading company where he was in charge of managing several South-American countries operations.

He has worked in the logistics area in VELPA S.A, a company that represents different firms from China, Brazil and USA in the Colombian electric sector, where it had experienced an exponential growth due to its diverse products offered in the market.

Entrepreneur and passionate about innovation, Felipe has focused for several years on knowing how to develop strategies that help his companies achieve the objectives proposed in the different market industries in which he has been involved.

He has been working in the Colombian cannabis market for more than two years. He and his team have planned several cannabis projects through his company Grupo Global Esmeralda. They have established strong relationships with European and South American companies that are interested in their local operations and exporting.

As his company is in pre-operations phase, he is importing top grade quality raw extract from Europe to start with his products development as long as he starts with the local cannabis production that is estimated to begin in Q3-2019.

Felipe is looking for exclusive firms to work with his company in the international market to exploit the cannabis market needs of the countries where the medicinal & recreational use of the plant is being allowed.