Exclusive and unique accommodation for luxury clients. This is how the Sheraton Hotel is, a hotel in the center of Bogotá with spa and special services for business trips. Exclusivity at its finest.

A space for privacy: secure, exclusive and unique. Where you can walk outside and enjoy tranquility. With a prime location in one of the most exclusive areas of the center of the city, a stunning architecture and all spaces and environments make of Sheraton Hotel, the perfect spot for your business or leisure visits to Bogotá.



Bogotá is a city of contrasts, and as such it offers a unique experience to its visitors. Prepare to find a hectic balance between the new and the old; the peaceful and the frantic. Encounter century-old plazas and churches shadowed by towering skyscrapers. Find peaceful tree-lined bicycle routes cut through by wild-traffic avenues. Bogota is a city with many layers. From internationally recognized universities to regional offices for multinational companies, Bogota is Colombia's capital for official business dealings. It is a city that caters to a population that has been exposed to European and North American influences, which ensures that anything from traditional dishes (Ajiaco) to sushi or fast food restaurants can be found. It's one of the most modern and metropolitan cities of South America and the world.


The Bogota International Center (CIB) is a sector of downtown Bogota, the capital of Colombia, where several tall buildings are located, mainly for offices, adjacent to multiple plazas and pedestrian areas. The main square is the meeting point of the area where you can find pretty nice restaurants and bars. But walk around and find more great places to eat and drink. It serves as a hub to connect with outer destinations north from the city, which include many attractions within nearby towns. On Sundays there is an excellent market that takes over the whole area as streets are closed for market stalls and street performers occupy the square.