How to access capital?

How to access capital?

You are decided, you have a great idea, or so you think, you are willing to contact potential investors, you know that you have the whole business idea, the history and the present of your venture in your head, but when you go to see you have no idea how to transmit it properly even to your family and friends who make you gestures of not understanding completely what you mean. In that moment you understand that although investing in your business is a valuable opportunity, you need to learn something more, you need to know how to expose it. The “art” of pitch, pitch deck, teaser and many other terms that in principle may sound strange but here we will review briefly so you can access the necessary capital.

First we go to the definition of the terms and then we go to a general context.

Pitch: In essence it is a short verbal presentation with audiovisual support not exceeding 10 minutes or conditioned to the time the investor has allowed.
Pitch Deck: The written or presented version of the Pitch (usually in power point), which must be concrete, short and with the intention of leaving the investor interested to allow a future meeting.
Teaser: An executive summary of maximum two sheets briefly explaining the business plan.

Before launching these methods of presentation, which are conditioned to the time and availability that our prospect has, we will see what is essential that you are clear about your company.

    1. Knowing the business context, the competition of the sector (if there is not, it is possible that the market is new or not sufficiently profitable) and other external factors that affect your idea.
    2. To demonstrate the operation of the company in figures and that these are allied: billing, operating costs, balance sheets and all the numbers that can account for the operation of your venture and that has some stability and traction.
    3. What is the problem and how your venture offers a solution and also why it is different and / or better than others and deserves the opportunity to receive capital.
    4. You have sales, however how you have managed to make yourself known. The ally of every company: marketing. Digital media? Printed? Promotions and discounts?. How have you transmitted your product to the public for the time being?
    5. You are the visible face, however the ants in the background are equally important and important to know who you have surrounded. Your team is the most precious asset, remember: professional investors will invest in you and your team, it is important that your team shows strengths of the operation and also financial, administrative and accounting expertise.
    6. You know everything inside and out, it’s time for the Business Plan. The one that will say how much money you need, why you need it and what is the negotiation proposed to the investor to be your ally number 1. The most valuable and decisive component within this document is the financial valuation of your initiative, be prudent and realistic with the figures.

If you have total clarity about these aspects of your venture, it will be easier for you to perform your pitch, pitch deck or teaser, as the case may be. If on the other hand you do not have it securely or do not know how to obtain this information, it is time to collect, sort and analyze and in this way have greater guarantees when looking for investors.

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